Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Only great minds can afford a simple style

So this blog came into being as I am an ardent fashion lover, and love to style myself in a quirky
manner yet classic and polished. Spring pastels mixed with bright neons, No more totally tone on tones add a burst of color or metallic. Color blocking with a same color in two different shades,
non messy except hair, Clean lines, clear cuts, yes that's me!!

India has a selection of fashion brands now, the International and Indian designer types, the high street one with high priced to the high street with affordable priced one- where you still end up paying a fortune as you are almost a shopaholic... and love to buy almost half the store.
As they say Girls are always short of clothes shoes bags accessories etc...

The situation here is that most of my girlfriends and me end up having similar pieces/outfits
and it is a deal killer. It just makes the outfit so repetitive no matter how you style it.

When ever I travel abroad I raid stores so that I can collect as many pieces that it lasts till my next travel or till.. And I have this infinite love for H&M, topshop, miss slefridges, nordstorm, saks fifth avenue..but we will come back to that..

Always on a search to find something new I stumbled upon online sites, These sites surprisingly
have sometimes most awesome stuff by upcoming designers and brands.
The Indian based are fashionandyou, privatesales, brandmile(I have tried all three, they have good quality products, what you see is what you get)
Plus they have all sort of other stuff like lifestyle products, electronics, kids stuff, sometimes
spa and holiday packages too..
There are some more online e-commerce sites again Indian based like jabong and myntra which I hear has some really good set of products at path breaking prices!
Since I am always on a look out at new brands and designers and love to experiment, though
within my own limitations. I will introduce you here with something new, be it a new designer,
brand, way of styling a garment/accessory/shoe..

Asos is a UK based fashion brand which does Free shipping to India unlike most other sites
which either don't deliver to India(read-God Knows for what reason)Or have minimum order
price for delivering to India
Or charge you for the delivery...

So for today I have put you on, on some known online sites, if you haven't heard of  any of these
or haven't visited them. Please go forward and do, and do let me know of your experiences..

I would love to discuss my day to day style, some fabulous brands and stores, International 
Indian. High Street. Local or Vintage...